David Aparicio

Google GLΛSS

This technology allows a access to information easier. Operating as of Google Now, we can do the same things with a smartphone, and share everything moments of your life. This great project makes me think to be the completion of the SixthSense technology of Pranav Mistry.

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Google Car

Also in the plans to simplify our daily lives, Google does not try to make flying cars, but at least, autonomous. This allows people with disabilities to move without any problems.
It's the achievement of a concentrate of technology.

Future Vision

Microsoft presents his vision of the future productivity. Where the computer will be ubiquitous, allowing continuous interaction and simplified mobility within the company.
Many devices will help us in everyday life.

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Imagine the ability to diagnose of a lot of diseases. Making it possible to solve partly the lack of doctors in rural areas. The device can also monitor the health of the whole family daily.
Thus, respecting the proverb: "Prevention is better than cure".


If the future was limitless, shapeless? Screens are flexible and everywhere, informing the citizens about bus trips, or major road problems. Where medicine have made ​​great progress quick analysis, allowing surgery without openings, and conferences between doctors. Education would also experience interactive learning methods.

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Internet of Things

Increasingly, objects are connected to the Internet.
Why they could not, with a artificial Intelligence, communicate with each other and their owners? Offering in this way an incredible user experience. The future is in our near.

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